Hi, I'm Gracie.

I'm a proud Chicagoan living in Bloomington, IN. I am currently finishing up my elementary education degree. With a serious cook and baker extraordinaire for a mom, I grew up with an appreciation for all things tasty. I am on a constant quest to find a happy balance between the things I love: food, education, and writing. I hope to use Rolling Pens as a place to write, as well as a creative outlet beyond the classroom. I mean, who doesn't like to unwind with a good hunk of brie? 

Hey! I'm Catharine.

I’m west coast born but Midwest raised and very happy to call myself a Hoosier. I love writing, baking, cooking, taking photos, and being a goof. I am a college senior about to graduate (eee!) and am savoring every bit of Midwest life before moving to newer lands. I’ve been following food bloggers since my tweens and am pretty stoked to give it a go myself.  I love trying out new recipes and perfecting the basics all the same. I’m excited to share with all of you, let’s get cookin’.